Sean Brett - Cornerstone Property Investments
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Sean Brett

 Sean Brett

Sean Brett  is a well established property expert in Bristol, respected by his peers, having started with nothing in 2011 to being financially free within a short period of time.


Sean owns a substantial portfolio of HMO’s, single lets and lease option properties and runs a successful flipping business  in Bristol.


It all started in 2011 when Sean was the lucky winner of a prestigious personal mentorship with Glenn Armstrong.   Sean left his business development role in the IT sector  in London and moved with his wife to Bristol to start his property journey.

He acquired his first property on a lease option which he moved into with his wife and they rented all the rooms out. Whilst not ideal this covered there basic living costs….


Fast forward and Sean is now a full time property developer / landlord  with over 40 tenants all managed in-house.   Sean’s portfolio now covers three countries (UK, South Africa and even a holiday cottage in Mozambique!)


Sean loves property and enjoys giving back through his FREE Vlogs and blogs.   He also mentors others looking to do the same.


Sean knows what it takes to build a portfolio from scratch in one of the UK hottest property markets his business  “Cornerstone Property Investments”  works with like minded investors who wish to make money from flipping property.


“We put together lucrative property deals so that our partners can make safe consistent profits. “


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