Bristol Pin slides

Bristol Pin slides

Hi All,

I hope you are well and are having a great 2015 so far !   Can you believe its almost Feb with 1/12 of the year gone ?

No doubt you have set your goals and started working toward them !!

One of the business goals  I will be focusing on this year is sourcing  HMO’s in Bristol for investors looking for a minimum of 12% ROCE (return on capital employed)  Investors would realistically need a sum of £50K + to get started.  Please contact me for info if interested.  Otherwise check out our website for more info on our HMO sourcing service here

haven’t mailed this list for a while (so sorry if this email pops out of the blue) but will start to update the site more often with interesting property related content and Bristol property deals when they arise. 

I was invited to speak at the January PIN in Bristol which although nerve racking  i actually really enjoyed 🙂

This is what Nick Josling’s email blast had to say the following morning ….

Our first speaker of the evening was Sean Brett, who gave a very detailed and entertaining account of his property investing in Bristol. In 4 years he’s made the transition from him and his wife living with their own tenants, to working on million pound deals. He gave great value talking about different strategies he’s used, and systems he now uses to manage his portfolio. Sean’s story provided inspiration, and showed what is achievable with knowledge, action and perseverance.

Sean has kindly offered to send his slides out to anyone who signs up for his newsletter at If anyone wants to contact Sean they can contact him at .

Here are the links as promised

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