Passive Income

Passive Income 8-12% ROI Secured

Property has always been known as a great investment, it can also provide Passive Income.

At Cornerstone Property Investments we offer a fixed rate of return on money loaned to us at a rate of 8-12% per annum.

This is significantly higher than rates that are being offered by banks at the current time. Typical bank saving accounts offer between 2%-4% where you will typically earn 4 times that amount with us.

passive income investment opportunity

This is our Secured Investment option, here’s how it works.

This product is a personal loan to us fully secured against the project property itself or against a separate property with sufficient equity to cover the loan within our existing portfolio.

Loans are typically made for 6-12 months with interest being paid monthly or rolled up and paid at the end.

Many of our investor partners “upgrade” to become Joint Venture partners and enjoy ROCE (Return on capital employed) of typically 20%-40%

Never depend on a single income, make investment to create a second source.`` - Warren Buffet