Planning Gain

Your Planning Partner

We have a 100% success rate with obtaining planning permission.

Cornerstone Property Investments provide a complete planning, advice and development consultancy service.  We offer our expertise & advice free of charge to land owners when it comes to developing land, with or without planning.

If the land comes without planning or even refused planning we offer a complete service at our own cost to get the site approved.   This includes detailed site appraisal, concept design and planning advice.

We take a positive, creative approach to overcome the inevitable problems that arise during projects, and help clients optimise the development potential and the value of land and buildings.  Whether it’s a review of the potential of a site, promotion through the plan making system, or the preparation and negotiation of planning applications or managing the consultation process, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive planning service that seeks to add value at every opportunity.

We work closely with clients to achieve their financial interests and goals. Whether you are land owner,  investor or experienced developer, our team of experts provide insight and guidance for your situation.

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