Investment Opportunities

LOOKING FOR HIGHER RETURNS THAN THE HIGH STREET? Over £5.8m invested to date, with a 100% track record

6 -12% SECURED

With multiple developments, both single dwelling refurbs and new builds/conversions under offer at any one time we are always interested in speaking to investors; we work closely with individuals, sophisticated and corporate investors, including Funds, Private Equity and Family Offices to deliver a strong return on capital invested.



Lend all or part of the required funds as a loan. This is a Fixed term loan at an agreed interest rate.  Typically 10% net.  This is the money you  receive in your pocket as we cover all legal costs and other administration fees. 


Do a project with us. Invest in the development SPV and earn a percentage of the profit. 


Invest as our partner, perfect for land and building owners.  You supply the asset, we agree a fair price for it, we do the development and share in the profits over an above the agreed purchase price. 

✅   Over 5.8 Million Invested 

✅   100% Track Record

✅   No Fees or Charges 

✅   Money Secured

✅   Legals handled by Solicitors

✅   Range of Investment Periods 6-24 months

We provide provide assets as security which are worth more than the amount of the loan. Currently we hold £3 million assets protecting £1.8 million in loans.

We have a 100% record in repaying our investors their interest and capital in full.

We actively support investors looking for short term profit driven, or long term yield based returns from property investment opportunities.

Due our network of contacts and our consistent flow of opportunities, we are often presented with opportunities which will be suitable for third party purchasers or which will benefit from the introduction of additional investment capital.


If you have capital which is not generating satisfactory returns or if you have a desire to join our panel of funders, then why not invest in property? With a large network of over 200 associates across the UK, we constantly come across investment opportunities for all types of properties. We welcome applications from all types of property investors whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned pro.

Cornerstone Property Investments offers a one stop shop for all your property needs. If you are portfolio building you can sit back and enjoy the cash flow whilst everything is done for you. We source high yielding properties at the best possible price, manage the refurbishment and find good quality working tenants for you.

Bristol offers a significant opportunity to earn a respectable yield of 15% plus after all costs whilst also enjoying good capital growth which is forecast at 18% by 2016.

Situated just 90 minutes from London, Bristol is the most populous city in the south west and has some of the country’s biggest employers including Rolls Royce, BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Airbus, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB , Hewlett Packard, Aardman Animations, IBM, GE, and Intel

(Your HMO’s are always full!)

Companies benefit from super-fast broadband, an expanding airport – currently connecting to more than 140 destinations around the world – a deep-water port, a motorway hub and fast train links.

All these reasons make Bristol one of the fastest growing cities and provides a strong foundation for future growth and development and is why we love to live and invest in Bristol.

Earn Amazing Interest on your Secured funds

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