We are  a property development company based in Bristol specialising in new homes and conversions of commercial and industrial properties. We maximise the use of available land to ensure optimal return on investment for our customers while minimising the environmental impact of works.





We are experts at gaining the very best possible planning outcome for your land and building bespoke high quality developments. We provide reliable advice efficiently, so we can move quickly to maximise opportunities and returns for landowners.

We structure deals in a way that best suit the landowners circumstances. No two deals are the same in development and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships so we can focus on the requirements of the landowner. This can result in the efficient structuring of tax positions, contracts tailored to specific circumstances, joint ventures or a myriad of other considerations. We always listen carefully and meticulously agree a deal and a development which works perfectly for both parties.



We help property owners with:

  • Excess garden space or land which could be used for development
  • Commercial and industrial properties they would like to repurpose
  • Gaining planning permission suitable for the land


We offer a free consultation to help you understand what’s possible on your land or property, including an estimate on timescales and potential return.

“We strive to build houses and apartments that we are proud of and that delight – properties that people are proud to call home  “
Sean Brett, founder of Cornerstone Property Investments

What We Do


We are experienced developers and investors with in house capability to maximise returns for property and landowners using our core strategies. We are actively sourcing off market land and either residential or commercial buildings for refurbishment and development. We also own and manage a portfolio of luxury house shares for young professionals in Bristol.


Earn 8-12% ROI annually on a secured contractual investment with us.


Earn up to 40% ROI when we source Below Market Value properties to renovate and sell or Buy to let.


We have many years experience as property investors. Our investments are wide ranging in price & very varied.


We purchase land sites subject to planning permission or permission granted for potential or alternative leisure uses, such as stables & grazing land, fishing sites, allotments, car boot sale sites close to main roads.


We are specialists at working with home owners to maximise the value of their land assets. Many older properties have long gardens on which new homes in keeping with the local area can be built.


We guarantee to pay landlords on time irrespective of late paying tenants. for landlords wanting to find out more about us, please take your time to browse our website and see what makes us different.





what we buy


    • We buy commercial properties  Get in contact with us for an offer you will be pleasantly surprised with. 

    • We buy infill plots of land between existing properties. This refers to the infilling of a small gap within a small group of houses or built up frontage. This definition could refer to a large side garden or even area between two houses." 

    • If you own some land that has some form of development on it or the land has been used to run a business from, whether still in use or not then you have a brownfield site. We specialize in buying this type of land. We would offer a free site visit, followed up with a free valuation and offer.

    • Back garden/backland development If you believe your garden has the potential for a possible plot, we would love to hear from you. We can provide free planning advice as well as offer full plan solutions. We can help convert a plot and also buy it off you.

    • If you own or have been left a property like this and are thinking of selling please contact us, we will be able to make a free site visit followed by an offer for a simple speedy transaction