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“I am in the business of buying houses. It is a trade-off against speed, price, creativity and time. I will always try to come up with a solution that works for both of us. Let’s have a chat and see what I can do !.” Sean Brett 

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Our Long-Standing Experience

We work with people every week who need to sell their house fast.

From people in arrears, going through a divorce, relocating and can’t sell their house, those who own a vacant house they don’t want to deal with any more…


To landlords tired of dealing with tenants, people who inherited a house they don’t want, good people who lost their job and just can’t afford the payment anymore and can’t afford to pay an estate agent their fees to sell it, to people who owe more on their house than it’s worth and listing with an agent just isn’t an option.

What all of these people we help have in common is…

They deserve to receive fair treatment

They need a quick solution that puts cash in their pocket right away
They shouldn’t have to pay all of the extra cash for estate agent fees, solicitors fees, etc.
They just want to end the headache this house is giving them
… and we can help them achieve all of these.



So Who We Are ?​

Cornerstone property investments offers a  respected house buying service. We are a highly experienced home buying team that is focused on helping homeowners like you to sell your house fast, without any hassle, games, or fees, and we’re committed to delivering this service with transparency and integrity throughout the entire experience.

My name is Sean Brett and I have helped many vendors sell their house fast no matter the situation. As a local property developer and investor, I am always looking for land and properties to buy for my business. 

I look to create a win/win environment and most of my business is via referral.  If I can help I will if I can’t I will say so !


I can  help if you need to sell quickly:  Either for a discount, in exchange for speed and certainty of sale or if you can offer me  terms  I can often pay full market value and sometimes MORE  (see below for some examples) 


We buy 95% of properties directly ourselves but in some cases, they might not suit our buying criteria.   If we don’t buy it ourselves we work with a huge database of cash-rich investors that might. Please do get in touch for a chat over the phone or for a coffee.  


Below are a few ways in which I have worked with sellers, however, every situation is different and I aim to tailor something that can work for both parties.

80% Market value - Cash Offer

A Guaranteed Cash Sale is the fastest, most hassle-free way to sell your property. We, or one of our partners, will buy your property from you for cash, completing in as quickly as a week. 

Cornerstone Property Investments (our family-run business) has built up strong relationships nationwide with cash buying funds, pension funds, and landlords enabling the fast sale you are looking for.  


85% Market Value – Investor purchase

On the other hand, Our investor partners are able to pay a little more as they will usually be getting a mortgage.  This process can take a little longer typically between 4-6 weeks and they will be looking for a 15%-20% discount.

100% Market Value – Rent to buy

If you are not able to provide a discount there are solutions where we can take over your mortgage and pay full market value.  If you don’t need the money from the sale right now there is an option that works for some people. In some cases, we are happy to pay 100% (or more)  of the market value if you will rent the property to us for a few years and we buy it at the end of the contract.   

100% Market Value – Owner Finance

We will pay full market price for your property, 70% upfront now, and 30% in 3-5 years’ time.  The 30% is secured on one of our properties with sufficient equity to cover the loan and you will earn 3% per annum in your investment. That’s a lot more than your money in the bank.

90% Market Value less repair costs - ASSISTED SALE - EQUITY PAID OUT NOW

An Assisted Sale is ideal for people who have a mortgage in place on their home. In an Assisted Sale, we guarantee a sale price and immediately pay you, in cash, the equity in your house. We then take over the mortgage on your home with permission from your lender and pay all your bills while we sell the property. We are able to pay you more in an Assisted Sale because we use your existing financing which is already in place instead of our own finance product to purchase the property. If you don’t have a mortgage, we can still offer you an Assisted Sale by paying you up to 30% of the guaranteed sale price immediately and the balance once we sell the home. No matter the price we sell the home for,  we will always pay you the amount we initially guaranteed.

Our service is FREE, it won’t cost you a penny! No solicitor fees and No estate agents fees!

Our offers are final and if you choose to accept the price we offer you, that’s exactly how much you will receive on completion!

Cornerstone property investments and our clients buy any property, in any condition, in any location at a price that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at.

Why Work With Cornerstone Property Investment ?

  1. We’ll make you a guaranteed offer within 48 hours of contacting us.
  2. We will give you a contract for your security ensuring no gazumping or renegotiation of the price we agree for your property.
  3. We will cover your solicitor’s costs.
  4. We won’t charge you any fees.
  5. We will ensure your property is sold quickly and hassle-free.

We are a family run business and do what we say we will do. We won’t mess you around.  
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