Property Inspection


Property managers use a rental inspection checklist to ensure that properties are in good condition before, during, and after the tenant’s occupation. 

A rental inspection involves a thorough visual check of the property’s rooms and exterior.

The inspection is to look for areas that may need action (i.e. needs, cleaning, repairing, or replacing). 

It is used to confirm the condition at the start of the tenancy against the condition at the end of the tenancy. 

The inspection checklist consists of the following:


  1. Perform an overall inspection of the property, from rooms to utilities and furniture
  2. Take photos (and videos) of the properties’ general condition 
  3. Take photos/videos of damage identified at the property property
  4. Add comments and recommendations.
  5. Set and assign corrective measures through actions
  6. Complete the report by providing a digital signature

Please include wide-angle shots of each room & close-ups of areas you wish to highlight.