We Buy Gardens

Maximize The Value Of Your Land Assets.

Are you a property owner with a large garden? You could be sitting on a potentially valuable asset.

We can help you convert your garden or land into a valuable building plot at no cost to you.

Maximise your land value, with NO FINANCIAL RISK OR EXPENSE WHATEVER on your part for our involvement.

We are specialists at working with homeowners to maximize the value of their land assets.   Many older properties have long gardens, we buy gardens on which new homes in keeping with the local area can be built.

Land values can be greatly increased through acquiring planning permission for residential development. We agree on a fair price with you and then take all the risk in applying for planning. For example the bottom part of a garden on a £400K property may be worth £20K if sold as-is to a neighbor, However, it could be worth as much as £80-£100K with planning permission to build another house similar to the primary house already on the plot.


If the property is your primary residence selling off part of the garden can be a great way to generate a tax-free windfall as the sale forms part of your PPR relief. So long as the garden is sold before the house both will benefit from PPR relief and be 100% tax-free.

We can move garages and put up fences so at the end of the day your view is protected and it all feels natural.

We target properties where the loss of the garden is not going to affect the end value as the remaining garden space would still be in keeping with other similar houses in the area.



Do you and your neighbours have large gardens? Each garden in its own right has no value (other then that included in the value of your house), But all of these gardens put together has greater value.

Planning Permission

We work with the local town planners and architects to design housing in keeping with the surrounding properties and to satisfy the local housing requirements.

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The Process

 The process is designed to be simple and friendly:

  • Neighbouring properties with large gardens that collectively have development potential are identified.
  • We visit each home owner to discuss the possibility of land assembly
  • We hold a group meeting with all neighbours to gain group clarity and consensus
  • Once all parties are happy to proceed solicitors will draw up an option agreement
  • Local architects will produce plans
  • Planning permission will be gained
  • Neighbours are paid for their portion of the garden
  • Building work commences

Our Gardening Work

Acquiring the right land is an essential part of the work we do and we consider a wide variety of different sites.


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