We Buy Gardens


We are specialists at working with homeowners to maximize the value of their land assets.   Many older properties have long gardens, we buy gardens on which new homes in keeping with the local area can be built.

Land values can be greatly increased through acquiring planning permission for residential development. We agree on a fair price with you and then take all the risk in applying for planning.

For example the bottom part of a garden on a £400K property may be worth £20K if sold as-is to a neighbor, However, it could be worth as much as £80-£100K with planning permission to build another house similar to the primary house already on the plot.

We use our expertise, finance, and resources to maximise the planning potential gain and therefore end value of the land.  The planning application, especially if it goes to appeal, the architects, feasibility studies and solicitors can cost as much £20K to achieve this uplift.  We take on all these risks and if at the end of the day we don’t buy your land then we have added value and you have nothing to lose.  In most cases, though if we sign a contract we expect to get planning and you get your £100K in the above example instead of the £20K.

If the property is your primary residence selling off part of the garden can be a great way to generate a tax-free windfall as the sale forms part of your PPR relief. So long as the garden is sold before the house both will benefit from PPR relief and be 100% tax-free.

We can move garages and put up fences so at the end of the day your view is protected and it all feels natural.

We target properties where the loss of the garden is not going to affect the end value as the remaining garden space would still be in keeping with other similar houses in the area.

We are seeing much interest across the spectrum but especially from retiring clients who would actually prefer a smaller garden for easier up keeping and would like to stay in their house for as long as possible without having a big garden to worry about.



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