Rent To Buy Houses


With our service now you can Rent To Buy Houses in the UK. We’ve found that there’s one thing holding most people back from owning their own home at the moment & the banks won’t lend them any money!



It’s our belief that this shouldn’t stop you from owning a home.

Banks have had such a monopoly over us for such a long time, many people think buying a home with a mortgage is the only way to own a home. Of course this is not true, so all the properties you will find on our website have one major difference to properties you’ll find elsewhere – you DON’T need a loan or mortgage to buy them.



 With us, it’s ok if you:

  •  Only have a small deposit (some of our properties you can buy with as little as 2 or 3% of the purchase price)
  • Are new to the country
  • Are self employed
  • Have little credit or credit that’s in need of repair



The Advantages of Rent To Buy Houses



rent to buy houses

 Most people try and buy a home this way:

Pay rent

+ Try and save a large deposit

+ Hope property prices don’t rise before you’ve saved enough

What if you could do it this way:

Buy a property today with a small deposit

= Move in tomorrow

Buying a home through us is easier, quicker and less complicated than buying it the “old fashioned” way where you have to apply for a mortgage first (the whole process from seeing a property you love, to moving in, can take as little as two weeks!)




The sooner you stop paying rent as a tenant, the sooner you can put your money towards your own home

The banks like you to jump through hoops but we work closely with your solicitor to make it an easy process (don’t worry if you don’t have a solicitor, we can help you find a good one)

No bank or finance approval necessary

The purchase price is fixed from day one

You can buy a home with only a very small deposit – far less than the banks would ever require

With some properties, you could buy, renovate to add value, and then sell the property at any time and keep your profit – all without ever having to get a bank loan


 We make home ownership EASY, with us you can rent to buy houses today!