Area: Bristol

Looking For:

  • Commercial to residential conversion opportunities
  • We are also looking for Land to build houses.

Size:  Creating at least 3 to 10 units

Budget:   Typically we purchase at < £500K but we have partners looking for projects in the £1-£2 million range so happy to look at these too.

Planning:   We are looking for sites ideally without planning

Example sites

  • Commercial properties, A1 Retail , A2 Professional & financial services and
  • B1(a) Offices and B1(c) light industrial for sale
  • Preferably empty and preferably without planning 
  • Land for sale to build 3-10 dwellings
  • Run down properties on Large plots with potential to build on (such as old bungalows might have)


Sourcing on market





Property ownership


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