Strategic Objective


Note to Staff: The Cornerstone Property Investment Strategic Objective is the basis for all corporate and individual decision making.


The Strategic Objective gives us an overview of general strategy, describes our direction, who we are, and how we function. By following its guidelines, growth and success will take care of themselves. In the spirit of simplicity, we limit the length of the Strategic Objective to one page. We’ve modified it through the years, but the fundamentals have never changed.


Strategic Objective

To offer consistently great returns, beating expectations, whilst  offering a high class service at all times.


Our fundamental strategy is to relentlessly “work” the systems of the business to perfection.  Our guiding documents are the Strategic Objective, 30 Principles, and the collection of Working Procedures.


Cornerstone Property Investments primary offering is  “Buy property or land, add value,  sell for profit”  whilst keeping in full communications on the progress of the sale at all times.  We take a consultative approach and explore all options to maximise each opportunity with our investors.


Peripheral services are

  • Secured returns for investors of up to 12%
  • Acting as Buyers agent for investors looking to purchase property in and around Bristol
  • Lettings for properties secured through us
  • Cash buyer for those people looking to sell  problem properties  quickly


Through intense commitment to our employees, we will contribute to the Success of our clients. The consequence of having loyal, smart, hardworking, long term, and well compensated employees is superb quality service to customers. Our business is complex, with many human, mechanical, and computer systems in simultaneous motion. Success depends on refined communication and organisational systems, dedicated staff, documented point of sale procedures, first-class office space and equipment, rigorous quality control with continuous measurement, assertive innovation, intense system maintenance/system improvement, aggressive and measured marketing, and relentless attention to detail in every nook and cranny.


Competitive advantages include an honest, transparent and ethical approach to business  passing our knowledge on (where wanted)  to our joint venture partners so they can become equally (if not more) successful.   We believe there is enough love to go around  and in the principle of the more you give the more you get.  Our sales and sourcing  processes are designed around the unique needs of the customer, thoughtful customer service that is immediate and consistent, the latest high tech equipment, and personal/corporate integrity.


We use extraordinarily efficient communication tools and protocols. We constantly refine and improve all internal systems to grow; we proceed with an “if we build it, they will come” philosophy, juxtaposed with assertive marketing efforts. Although we tightly control Cornerstone Property Investments operation through guiding documentation, we will modify that documentation immediately if an improvement can be made: “Our operational framework is rigid, but that framework can be modified instantly.” We segment responsibilities into specialised “expert compartments” with appropriate Cross training among departments.


We have backup personnel for all management and staff positions.