Charlton Road

About This Project

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One of our first properties and one of the most profitable deals.  A mid terrace victorian providing infinite returns on investment.
We paid off the vendors arrears and structured a deal which would benefit both parties.  The vendor who was about to be repossessed and walk away with nothing was delighted to joint venture with us and make £45K in the process to see him into his retirement.

This huge property was acquired via an estate agent on a 5 1/2 year lease option and currently profits £1 265 / month running as a 6 bed HMO.


Over a 5 year period this lease option and assuming we keep it fully let (which we have to-date) will generate a £83 490 rental profit on a property we don’t yet own.   We expect the property to be worth £250K at the end of this period and the option is for £200K so there is a further £50K earnings potential.  That is a whooping £133, 490 gross profit all whilst creating a win / win opportunity.

The vendor who was being repossessed and would of walked away with no money will   now  make £15K out of this property at completion and has already been paid £30K from completion of Edmund close as the two properties  were from the same vendor)   – Good karma !

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