Tip 2 – Tell everyone what you do and ask for referrals

Tip 2 – Tell everyone what you do and ask for referrals

Don’t be shy to tell people what business you are in  – we are professional property investors.

The more people you speak to and ask for referrals the more business you will get.

Ask your friends ….So what you need to keep your eyes and ears open for is Clients, friends, colleagues with or who know of . . . . . . . .

– anyone looking to sell who cannot sell for some reason or just needs to release equity quickly.   We can help with all sorts of property problems including negative equity. 

–  Commercial properties which are coming to the end of their useful life and are in/on the edges of residential areas eg. builders yards, workshops, garages, retail units.  Where if the current owners may not be interested in developing out the site themselves, but where the re-sale value could be significantly enhanced if they were to obtain Planning Consent for housing.

– Houses with large gardens, where the owners don’t want to move but are unable to carry on maintaining the gardens or the property.  Our partners  have  obtained  planning for one Client who then sold on the land for a builder/developer to complete – they didn’t want the risk/uncertainty of the residential market + build costs.   Another project where the Client built their dream home in the bottom of the garden and sold off the old house to pay for it.

What I’m really looking for is personal referrals from people you know rather from properties you might see – if anything has been submitted for planning and/or has got a sale board sign up then its probably too late for us.

A little while back a wrote of the auction flip strategy.  Where you find a distressed property either direct to vendor or more commonly through an estate agent and throw it directly into auction without doing any work on it.

Well I’m please to say that Seaview made us £16K after all costs  (50% for my JV partner so £8K each)

If we can help you achieve your  financial goals please get in touch.

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